Monday, 2 October 2017

Tips to Help You Becoming a Peaceful Parent

Making an overhaul in parenting approach to become a peaceful parent is never easy. In fact, you can experience some serious bumps even after your transition is complete. Your child may act out with more rigor than ever before. At that time, you may think about the peaceful parenting being the main culprit. But that’s actually not the truth. When you start with peaceful parenting, you are actually anticipating your kid to get rid of the big feelings he would carry from the time when you were not a peaceful parent. And the kid gets rid of those feelings with a noise you may not like. But this actually turns out to be something good eventually because your kid will get more cooperative and happy when he will see your compassionate behavior.

Therefore, peaceful parenting is never a wrong approach in any case. You just need to make sure that you are now heading in the right direction. Here are a few things that you can take into consideration.

Start with yourself
Peaceful parenting is actually more about the parents rather than children. So, you need to make a change in yourself. And that change needs to be the good one. For that purpose, you will have to make sure that your body, mind and heart are in proper synchronization with each other. There is a saying that if you want to love the one closest to you, you need to love yourself first.

Watch what your children
One good recipe to draw attention towards your kids and to develop the feeling compassion for them is to watch them for a few minutes while they will be busy in what they do. You will certainly start loving those small activities which define their childhood.

Look for the reason behind child’s stress and anger
Children have their fair reasons for getting stressed and angry. While some parents get angry because they do not like their children to show some awkward behavior, some remain silent only to get filled with the anger they develop due to consistent noise. Eventually, they lash out. Both these types of parents usually fail to understand the reason for their children’s behavior. If you want to look at the reason, you will have watch and observe for a moment. Then you can ask your child why exactly he is displaying these feelings.

Try to make your children feel that they are being understood
Listening to what child has to say and acknowledging can give children good reason to stop developing the big feelings. Even if you are not ready to fulfill what your child wants, only acknowledging can calm down your kid. From there, you can tell your kid why it’s not possible to get him what he wants at the moment. You can also discuss some alternatives in order to make the process a non-zero-sum game.

Be silly and goofy for some time with your kid
This one is the perfect recipe to get connected with your kid. You might have heard about roughhousing. Becoming a little goofy is the prerequisite to start some roughhousing. In fact, this behavior in parents can let them understand their kids in much better way.